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Decorative Wire Mesh

Decorative Mesh

  • Antique Bronze finish (economical and lustrous brownish red)
  • Antique Brass finish (economical and lustrous brownish yellow)
  • Free Freight on most panels
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Flat-wire for cabinets, entertainment centers, etc.
  • Pure Brass, Pure Bronze, & Stainless for High End & Outdoor Work
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  • Brass decorative mesh is used almost exclusively indoors.
  • Will compliment other brass decorative accents in home decor.
  • Note pure brass wire mesh is the color of a "new key".
  • It will tarnish over time.
  • Plated styles have an antique finish protected with a clear coat lacquer.
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  • Plated Bronze decorative mesh may be used indoors in cabinets and entertainment centers.
  • Pure Bronze may be used outdoors in various vents grills and motif applications.
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  • This double diamond weave is used in cabinets and bookcases, sometimes shown with glass or in front of curtains.
  • The mesh adds a transparent, but secure look to the design and decor.
  • These meshes require extra care in cutting and installing.
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  • Decorative Diagonal Meshes have wires running at 45 degrees to the edge of the panel.
  • The crimped wires interlock to prevent slipping. These are available in Bronze, Brass, Nickel, & Antique styles.
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  • Overstocks, unusual meshes, odd sizes, and some uncertified materials
  • Reduced prices
  • Availability may be limited
  • Discounted meshes are not returnable.
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  • Decorative Flat-wire Meshes are woven from specially profiled wire that gives both modern and traditional cabinets a dramatic appeal.

The popular Fandango Antique Nickel Finish is pictured.

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  • Decorative Hexagonal Mesh is used in French Country cabinets, dressers and outdoors in gardens.
  • It is extremely flexible, but not overly sturdy.
  • Stainless Steel Hex Mesh is a stronger and more industrial product.
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  • Decorative Intercrimped Mesh achieves its distinctive appearance from the interlocked crimped wires and the extra crimp between the mesh crossover points.
  • Used as Automobile Grills.
  • "Bravo" mesh is inspired by Jaguar Motor cars.
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  • Decorative Stainless Meshes are used in modern cabinet and vent designs and custom antique auto grill restoration.
  • "Bravo " mesh is inspired by Jaguar Motor cars.
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Cabinet Door Screens are an important part of TWP's product line. They are a break from our more technical wire mesh products and services. These decorative screen panels involve a surprising amount of work to produce and involve intense attention to detail. Specially shaped wires are fed by hand into old style wire weaving looms that have been rescued from oblivion. We must comply with strict environmental rules during the multi-step plating,spray lacquering and hand buffing that our antique brass and bronze meshes require. Even the packaging of these decorative meshes for shipment has its special challenges as we strive to prevent damage using honeycombed cardboard backing with special corner protectors. These panels are used by cabinet makers, contractors, interior decorators and talented do-it-yourselfers.

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