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Absolute Filter Rating

A measure of retention, expressed in microns, that specifies the equivalent diameter of the smallest particle from which the filter has retention of 100%. In actual practice, most manufacturers assign absolute ratings on the basis of retention in the range from 98% - 99.999999%.

Alloy A wire mesh with metal properties.

Bolting Cloth

Bolting Cloth – A thin, strong, flexible precisely woven group of meshes which are used for sieving and sifting powders. 

Calendered Wire Cloth Wire mesh that is passed through rollers to reduce the overall thickness of the material.

Coarse Stainless Steel Mesh

Coarse Stainless Steel Mesh - Openings that range from about the size of a pencil lead (1/16 inch) and downward to the size of a medium human hair (1/125 inch).

Crimp Corrugations in wires to lock them in place when perpendicular to each other.

Filter Cloth Wire mesh used for filtering and straining.

Fine Stainless Steel Mesh

Fine Stainless Steel Mesh - Group of stainless steel wire cloth mesh has openings that range from about the size of a medium human hair (200 microns) and downward  to the size of a large bacteria (2 microns).

Galvanized After Welded Wire mesh that is drawn through a bath of molten zinc after it is welded. This mesh emerges with a thick coating tightly bonded to the wire. Each wire is thoroughly sealed guaranteeing a longer lifetime than galvanized before meshes.

Galvanized Before Welded Wire mesh that is made from strands of wire that are coated with zinc and then welded together. During the welding process the protective layer of zinc is burnt off leaving the wire unprotected at the welded joint where the wires cross.

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